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Home workouts

These short a la carte sequences come complete with royalty free music, kid cameos, toy banging, and likely a barking dog. Like a real quarantined fitness professional mom would.

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Towel series: triceps

Grab a hand towel and come to a kneeling position. Extend your arms behind your back with a palm up grip on the towel. Begin with 4 reps at a slow 2 count tempo, increase to 8 reps at a single count tempo, then 8 reps double time. Finish sequence with a lifted arm bend and extension of your elbows.  

Towel series: single leg seat

Grab a hand towel with a palm down grip, bend your elbows. Plant one foot to the ground, lift and bend the other. Hinge forward at the hips to create a diagonal line from your head down your spine. You'll curl up your arms and down stopping at 90 degrees as you lift and lower your bent leg. Keep a slight bend in your standing leg. Start with a 2 count tempo for 4 reps, increase to singles for 8 reps and little lift for 8 reps. Repeat 2x through. Add a slow knee to elbow pull, repeating the pace sequence, finish with a midline arm bend and hydrant leg. Don't forget to repeat this all on the other leg!

Toilet series: thighs

Grab a roll of toilet paper and place between your thighs. Begin with a releve with your heels. Keep your heels up and sink low in your hips, pulse down. Stay low and releve your heels up and down. Option to keep your heels lifted and do a figure 8 toilet paper pass between your legs. Finish with heels up and hips low for a final hold.

Toilet paper series: tricep push-ups

Grab a roll of toilet paper and come to a sturdy wall. Lift your standing heel, elbows hug toward your body. Begin 2 count push-ups for 4 reps, move to a single count tempo for 8 reps, then a halfway hold for 8-16 tiny dip reps. Switch your lifted leg and repeat!

Towel series: core

Grab a roll of toilet paper and come to the floor. Lay on your back, plant one foot to the ground, lift your other leg hight to the sky. Extend your arms long with the toilet paper in your hands. Lower your lef to the ground and lower your long arms over heard. 2 count temp, single count, and hold lifted and add little taps to your chin with the roll. Switch sides, repeat. Finish with table top bent legs and figure 8 pass the roll between your legs.

Shoulder raise, squat, releve combo:

Grab some light weights (2lb-3lbs), feet slightly apart, palms down grip, bent knees. As you lift up, arms lift to your gaze, then sink low into a squat. Slow 2 count, single count, then small lifted lifts. Repeat temp, add releve. Final round of tempo sequence with heels up the whole time. 

Shoulder/seat combo:

Grab a hand towel. Keep a nice pull away with your hands on the towel the entire time. Side one starts with 8 reps single count speed, 8 reps double time little lifts. Come to a single leg tap with a shoulder raise. 4 reps at a 2 count pace, 8 reps at a single count. Add towel jump rope with foot for 8 reps. Repeat full sequence on your other side. 

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